Sierra Safari Zoo

How it all started

Sierra Safari Zoo opened in 1989. It was the dream and effort of three men, Dale McDaniel, Dave Dawson and Jimmy Martin. They started out by raising parrots and evolved to ostriches then to other exotic animals which they desired to share with other people in the community. The zoo continues to develop new and better facilities but always needs help from the community it serves.

Sierra Nevada Zoological Society

The zoo is now a non-profit organization run by the Sierra Nevada Zoological Society. As a not for profit 501-C-3 corporation all donations made to Sierra Safari Zoo are tax deductible. If you are considering making a donation to a worthy cause, or just love animals, please consider them.

Current Information

Sierra Safari Zoo is now the largest zoo in Nevada. They currently have over 150 animals of 40+ species. We lovingly nurture and raise every one of them to be as friendly and happy as possible. They have been working throughout the winter on expanding and improving several habitats. They have completed work on our new giftshop and it is now open to the public. They hope that this new air conditioned facility will provide our visitors with a more pleasant and comfortable visit than ever before. Also available for public use are a scenic picnic area and a pleasant covered patio. The picnic area is available after normal hours for private parties and includes full access to the zoo. Please contact them for details.

Mission Statement

To foster compassion for and knowledge about animals and our environment by bringing people and animals together. We do this with a commitment for the responsible care of our animal ambassadors and to encourage the thoughtful stewardship of all animals on earth.

Sierra Safari Zoo
10200 North Virginia Street
Reno NV 89506